900 Access Number

Pay-Per-Call TTY Relay Service enables people with hearing or speech loss to call 900 numbers

All 900 numbers can be reached using a standard TTY. Most charge fees in addition to long distance or toll fees.

If you call a 900 number, you can communicate with a hearing person or interact with menu prompts. The Communications Assistant relays directions from the Pay-Per-Call service to you. Your typed responses are relayed back to the Pay-Per-Call service.

900 Services/Pay per Call TTY fees

Again, almost all Pay-Per-Call services accessed through 900 or 976 area codes charge fees in addition to long distance or toll rates. You are responsible for all fees for Pay-Per-Calls you place. So hang up at any time to end the call and avoid additional charges. Sprint is simply the relay provider and is not responsible for fees related to Pay-Per-Call connections completed at your request.

You may avoid 900 billing issues altogether by setting up a Relay Choice Profile blocking 900 calls from your telephone.

Note: 900 numbers often play lengthy messages and offer numerous voice prompts. To capture and relay all of that information to you, a Communications Assistant may need to use a Play Back Recording device. In fact, the CA might even need to call the 900 number more than once to capture all the information. In this case, you will be billed by the service provider for all of the calls.