List of Relay Colorado
Toll-Free Phone Numbers

Click here if 711 is not working

TTY:​711 or 800-659-2656

Voice: 711 or 800-659-3656

Voice Carry-Over:711 or 877-659-8260

Hearing Carry-Over:​711 or 800-659-2656

Speech-to-Speech:​711 or 877-659-4279

Telebraille:​711 or 800-659-2656

Spanish Relay:​711 or 800-337-3242

Spanish Translation:​711 or 844-409-2451

ASCII:​711 or 800-659-4656

T-Mobile Accessibility Care:​800-676-3777 (Voice)

  877-787-1989 (STS)

  800-676-3777 (TTY)

  866-931-9027 (Voice Carry-Over)

  800-676-4290 (Español)

What if 711 Is Not Working?

You may have a PBX system issue.​

People who use phones in an office that has extension numbers may experience difficulty as a result of 711 not being programmed in the building’s PBX system. To request the availability of 711 service in your building, contact your IT specialist, office administrator, or local telephone service provider.

711 dialing was mandated by the FCC on October 1, 2001. If you have difficulty dialing 711, please click here and let us know and we will attempt to help get the issue resolved.