Three Options to Get a Captel Phone

Option 1

Request a Captel Phone at No Cost:

Colorado residents may qualify for a CapTel phone at no cost through the Colorado Communications Technology Program (formerly known as the Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program).

To Apply:

  • Go to Colorado Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing website
  • or call toll-free 855-767-6128.

The CTP will walk you through the necessary steps to receive the equipment that is best suited for YOU!
For more information about the CTP, click here.

Option 2

Third Party Certificate

Per recent FCC regulations, individuals with hearing loss may receive an Internet-based CapTel phone at no cost if they complete and submit a Third Party Certification of Eligibility. The Third-Party Certification must be signed by a hearing health professional who confirms that the person applying has a hearing loss and would benefit from IP-based Captioned Telephone Service in order to communicate effectively over the phone.


  • Third Party Certification only applies to CapTel models that are Internet-based
    (CapTel 840i, CapTel 880i and CapTel 2400i)
  • Third Party Certification cannot be used for CapTel models that do not have an
    Internet connection
    (CapTel 840, CapTel 800 and CapTel 200)

Download the Third Party Certification Form

  • Download & print the Third Party Certification Form
  • Have the form signed and dated by a hearing professional
    such as an audiologist or specialized doctor
  • Send the completed certification form to:
    608-238-3008 (Fax) (Email)

Option 3

Purchase online

Colorado residents who do not qualify for the EDP or Third Party Certificate may purchase the CapTel phone at the reduced price of $75.00.

Click here  to order your CapTel phone.