911 Emergency Calls

Reaching 911 Services

  • If possible, dial 911 on your TTY for a direct connection to your local 911 center. 
  • Immediately after your 911 call is connected, clearly and specifically provide your full name and location information.
  • If you are calling 911 through Relay Colorado, your Communications Assistant will contact the nearest emergency response center in your area and relay your information to the dispatcher.
  • If you are using T-Mobile IP Relay, you will need to register T-Mobile IP Relay at www.t-mobile.com/iprelay. Make sure you are log in T-Mobile IP Relay service, your computer is turned on and connected to the Internet to complete a web-based text. If your Internet connection is not working, dial 911 on your TTY.
  • Click here to find out where text-to-911 is available in Colorado.