Tip #1:
Voice User Profile

When you dial the dedicated Relay Colorado’s voice toll free number, 800-659-3656, you will hear the Voice Response Unit (VRU message) to ensure that you are reaching out to the correct phone number.

If you make frequent calls to Relay Colorado, you can expedite the process in reaching a CA (and bypass the automated recording) by setting up a customer profile.

To set up your customer profile, dial 800-676-3777 to reach our accessibility care team.  Simply ask them to set your phone number to default as a “voice user” and you’ll be all set.

Tip #3:
Please, Don't Hang Up Campaign

Don’t be that company that hangs up on a relay call. If you hear “Relay Colorado CA 1234, may I have the number you are calling please?” do not hang up, it’s someone calling you through the relay service!

Learn more about our “Please, Don’t Hang Up!” campaign here.